UNTRUTH NO. 1: Casiño is not a communist. He is not part of the armed struggle, he does not espouse it.

TRUTH: Casiño is a communist. He is not with the armed struggle because his task is in the “legal” or parliamentary struggle which is to complement the armed struggle. He is lying, he is communist through and through.

UNTRUTH NO. 2: He does not denounce the CPP-NPA-NDF because of its political and revolutionary struggle.

TRUTH: Casiño being a communist believes in contradiction. He professes that society will only move forward because the present situation (thesis) will be contradicted by a new situation (antithesis), and the inevitable struggle will result to a new order (synthesis) until finally communism is attained. The trouble with communists like Casiño is that to them there is no other way for society to change, the only way is through armed revolution.

UNTRUTH NO. 3: Casiño favors dialogue and engagement, especially peace negotiation.

TRUTH: Casiño is lying to his teeth just like when he attended mass and took communion. For a communist, change must be dialectical or cataclysmic. Peace
negotiation is change through evolution. The communist abhors change through evolution because it is contrary to the basic tenets of communist ideology.

UNTRUTH NO. 4: Casiño is focused on human rights violation done by the government forces because when communists commit violations the entire state machinery will be mobilized against them. However, when government forces violate human rights authorities turn a blind eye.

TRUTH: This is egregious, dirty propaganda. We are witness to the numerous prosecutions of government forces accused of wrongdoings. The government does this because it is the only option in order to maintain its credibility and legitimacy. We believe in God, so we define what is good and what is bad by what the Supreme Being commands us. An example is God’s commandment, “Love thy neighbor as thyself”. The communists, on the other hand, do not believe in God. So what is their basis in defining good and bad? Answer: Communist ethics. What is good for the Communist cause is good. Even if communists have to lie, even if communists have to kill – if it is good for the communist revolution, it is good. Did you ever wonder why it is so easy for Casiño to lie?

UNTRUTH NO. 5: Bayan Muna’s PDAF allocation is fully utilized for the benefit of the poor.

TRUTH: This is communist hocus-pocus. One example of communist misappropriation of funds is this, Bayan Muna deposits its PDAF to DSWD allegedly to buy medicine, to pay hospital bills of the poor. The black magic here is that the money can only be released if given an authority in writing by a person who has prior coordination with DSWD. That person is another communist who gives money to their fellow communists. If you are not a member, a very small amount will be given to you. However, CPP-NPA-NDF members are given huge amount. This is a new “technology” invented by the communists to support their revolution. Ask DSWD Bohol, you will know the TRUTH.

UNTRUTH NO. 6: Casiño always criticize the government because it is his duty to expose things against the people’s interest.

TRUTH: Casiño can only fool the uninformed. The ideology of the communists is anchored on the belief of conflict between the two (2) classes of people, the oppressor (rich) and the oppressed (poor). Society will always be subjected to struggle between these two classes until communism is achieved through a bloody revolution. Karl Marx long ago concluded that the government is an instrument of the rich to perpetuate the oppression of the poor. It is an extremist way of looking at life because for Karl Marx nothing good will happen unless the present is destroyed. It is always the state of mind of a communist, like Casiño. So don’t ever wonder why Casiño always criticizes the government. He is just being true, a true communist.

UNTRUTH NO. 7: Casiño said they always hold rallies because it is their right to free expression and assembly.

TRUTH: The United Front effort of the CPP-NPA-NDF involves ideological, political, organizational and mobilizing of masses to raise their level of revolutionary consciousness. In their own words it is called “White Area” Operation. The “White Area” is in the cities where workers, students and other sectors are transformed into party members and NPAs. From the “White Areas” these “converts” are sent to the countrysides, called the “Red Area” to become full-time revolutionaries.

The “White Area” is necessary because there can be no “Red Area” without the White Area. That is the truth why communists always hold rallies.

UNTRUTH NO. 8: Casiño is not rich because a big chunk of his salary goes to his party and public service.

TRUTH: The party referred to by Casiño is the Communist Party of the Philippines with Jose Maria Sison as head. The rest of the leaders are the Tiamson couple, ex priest Frank Fernandez, Erecre and others. The salary and PDAF of Casiño goes to the Communist Party which wages a communist revolution. These leaders, however, live in luxury from the blood and sweat of other people. Casiño has been living a comfortable life in Congress with all its perks and would never go to the mountains. Casiño is marshmallow communist. He has learned well from Joma Sison who enjoys life in a foreign land.

UNTRUTH NO. 9: Casiño will be a voice of the poor in the Senate.

TRUTH: The primary struggle of Communist insurgency is armed struggle. “Legal” or parliamentary struggle is the secondary struggle and is intended to complement the armed struggle. Casiño wanted to become a Senator not to be the voice of the poor but to be able to help the communist NPA in its armed struggle.


P.S.: Got this e-mail from a certain Dorena Diwata… Thank you for this!



  1. ang tanggihan at kondenahin ang isang simulaing di mo lubos na nuunawaan ay maituturing nating pinakamataas na anyo ng katangahan 😀

    • To Mr Lagalag: Sa komento nyo lamang po, i believe HINDI nyo po nabasa ang patungkol sa aking blog. i INVITE you to read my blog para po tayo ay magkaron ng talakayan. Kung ang pagsasabi ng katotohan ay pagkondena para sa inyo, OPO at kinokondena ko ang kasinungalingang sinasambit at inilalahad ng kandidato nyong si Casino. Panahon na para mamulat kayo at malaman ng ordinaryong mamamayan ang gawain ng isang komunista. Magandang araw sa inyo! 🙂

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