The NPAs are hungry and scared.

On 23 March 2013, an armed encounter happened between government soldiers and NPAs on Sitio Malangsa, Brgy Mantiquil, Siaton, Negros Oriental. The soldiers did not suffer any casualty. Some NPAs were wounded and carried by their comrades to escape the relentless offensive of brave soldiers.

The NPAs left two (2) cooking pots of camote and cassava. It was already 10 o’clock in the morning and they have not eaten yet. They have nothing for breakfast except camote and cassava.

The NPAs are hungry and scared while their leaders starting from Joma Sison, Frank Fernandez, Roy Erecre and Teddy Casiño are living luxurious lives. Sison, for many years have not seen a camote or remember how a cassava tastes.

The NPAs have been manipulated by their recruiters. They are sacrificial lambs for the perverted ambitions of the Communists. They are peons in the game which the likes of Teddy Casiño play.

In a way, we are very sorry for them.

Let this be a warning to those joining rallies, to students who think the life of an NPA is an adventure or the expression of love of country. You are mistaken, just like those gullible NPAs who are running for their lives, while Casiño goes on with his campaign sorties salivating to be addressed as, “Honorable Senator”.

Wake up! Kick Casiño to the fires of hell where Communists, like him, are destined to burn for all eternity.


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