In the 22 April 2013 issue of the Inquirer, Teddy Casiño has once again lied to the Filipino voters. He believes that even the most fantastic lie can be accepted as true as long as he keeps repeating it. Here are some of his wild and egregious lies:


Lie No. 1

His political party, Makabayan, is strapped out of cash.

The Truth

The NPAs are extorting money from politicians. The money is spent for political campaign. Ask Governor Rowel Degamo of Negros Oriental how much did he give to the NPAs for Casiño and the communist partylists. Ask Mayor Conchita de los Reyes of Carmen, Bohol how much was extorted from her in order to run for governor in Bohol.


Lie No. 2

Casiño maintained that his legislative agenda was never dictated upon him by either Sison or the CPP/NPA.

The Truth

Casiño is a 3-term representative of Bayan Muna which is a Communist partylist supported by the NPAs. He could never be a nominee of Bayan Muna if he is not a communist. It is obvious that the legislative agenda of Casiño is dictated by Sison, CPP and NPA.


Lie No. 3

“We have expanded because of people’s support”

The Truth

Their partylist won in elections because the people in remote barangays were threatened of “Kangaroo Court” punishment if they do otherwise. Politicians were also forced to campaign for their partylist candidates.


Lie No. 4

“I’m a reaffirmist. But the National Democratic Movement is not necessarily communist.”

The Truth

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP), due to irreconcilable differences between the Tabarra Group and Sison Group broke up into two (2) opposing forces in early 1980s. The Tabarra Group, known as the “Rejectionist”, entered into a Peace Talk with the government. The Sison Group called the “Reaffirmist” continued its communist rebellion. Casiño admitted that he is a “Reaffirmist”, the group under Sison.

“National Democratic Movement” is the euphemism for Communist Revolutionary Movement.


Lie No. 5

“In the bigger scheme of things is an effort by the Left to move up in mainstream politics. We have nothing to lose and everything to gain.”

The Truth

Casiño and the rest of the CPP/NPA leaders know there is no chance for him to win. Their secret objective is just to use his campaign for Senator to strengthen the communist organization. Coalition with politicians will result to local leaders being indebted to them, and forced to support them in their revolutionary movement. Organizing of people for the political campaign is actually organizing them as mass base for communist insurgency.

Casiño thinks that even if he will lose in the election, the Communists will still win because the politicians and the mass base have been deceived into supporting their communist cause.


Lie No. 6

“Casiño is a devout Catholic.”

The Truth

Casiño, a communist, has never been and will never be a Catholic. His going to church, taking communion and merging with the people is likened to a wolf camouflaged as a sheep in order to join them, and eat them.

Beware of Casiño. He is a wolf disguised as a sheep.


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