Casiño, a Miserable Clown


I had goose bumps when I saw Teddy Casiño attending a Roman Catholic Mass and TAKING COMMUNION.

Kailangan bang aabot sa ganoon ang pagkukunwari nya para makakuha ng boto?

His involuntary actions exposed his deception. He was fidgety, uneasy in his grotesque masquerade.

I hope he won’t do it anymore. He not only showed the evil of a communist can do. He showed how a communist can make himself a miserable clown.

– Jaime Sinco –

*** This is a repost from the page of a friend Jaime Sinco. Salamat kaibigan for sharing this one to me.




3 thoughts on “Casiño, a Miserable Clown

  1. Thanks for this. Just net surfing, I stumbled into this site.
    Leftists are GENERALLY followers of Marxist dogma (otherwise, by which ideology should the Leftist identify himself– you’re not a Leftist if you’re not a socialist OR Marxist (communist)).
    Having said that, I can safely conclude that DECEPTION is one of little Teddy’s games he plucked from Lenin’s playbook: the end justifies the means. Another point is that he wants to garner support from the Catholic Church: The Church is a mystical institution, not cultural/political institution. Take a look at some Leftist Jews in Israel who take part in JUdaism. It’s because they see religion not only as political cannon fodder but also a cultural “thing”. Gut feeling tells me either Teddy uses Catholicism to make pa- “awa” effect to the priest or to feed his sense of culture.

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