The Youth Must Learn From History

Chinese Communist Party Chairman Mao Zedong launched from 1966 to 1976 the Cultural Revolution to eliminate his political rivals.

The ten years of social chaos and political persecution resulted to thousands of death. Millions were imprisoned or exiled.

 What happened?

 High School students in Beijing formed the Red Guards. Through Mao’s encouragement more Red Guards were organized in high schools and universities around the country. Millions of Red Guards paraded in Tiananmen Square on August 18, 1966.

Schools were closed from 1966 to 1969. The Red Guards destroyed temples, artwork, books and anything against communism. When schools reopened students education were limited to the works of Mao and the peasants.

Red Guards persecuted artists, writers and other intellectuals. Many committed suicide after being subjected to public humiliation. Many were imprisoned and forced to do menial labor. Properties of the rich were confiscated, families were split.

Moderate officials were attacked by the Red Guards.  Later, Red Guards rival factions fought against each other and against the Peoples Liberation Army (PLA). Eventually, the Red Guards (the youth) were destroyed by the PLA.

The Chinese Economy collapsed. Education suffered serious setbacks. An entire generation of young people had their education disrupted while they “made revolution” for Chairman Mao.

After Mao’s death, it took decades for China to recover.

Now, Jose Maria Sison, the Tiamson couple, Satur Ocampo and TEDDY CASIÑO are launching the National Democratic Revolution (aka Communist Revolution) so that they can start another CULTURAL REVOLUTION.

The youth must learn from history.



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